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27 Crazy Images Of Medical Treatments Through History Radiology

27 Crazy Images Of Medical Treatments Through History Radiology


Mendard would later lose his finger to side effects from operating the X-ray machine. - 27 Crazy Images Of Medical Treatments Through History

"Hip massage machine" 1928 27 Crazy Images Of Medical Treatments Through History

27 Crazy Images Of Medical Treatments Through History

Getting frostbite and rheumatism therapy in 1910:A patient recuperating in the spa town of Harrogate is wired up to an electric machine used for the cure of ...

A patient lying in an artificial respiration machine called an iron lung, circa 1938.

A young patient, Gerald Blackburn, in an oxygen tent at Princess Beatrice Hospital,

27 Crazy Images Of Medical Treatments Through History

Hannah Henderson - Sans [ceuticals]

27 Crazy Images Of Medical Treatments Through History

The modern Roentgen 'look through' machine, which prevents any injury to the treating

And in 1911:

Ambulance trains transported wounded soldiers during World War I:

A woman using an electric inhaling apparatus which produces a medicated fog used in the treatment

Prawdziwe portrety rodzinne w obiektywie Danielle Guenther - -

And for adults in 1930:

People in rural Nepal often spend a month's income and travel more than two days find a hospital with an x-ray or ultrasound.Adnan Abidi / Reuters

Photo of Matthew before treatment

15. Alveolar Sarcoidosis In ...

Dragon ...

(a) A normal chest film with landmarks

"Children, meet the Molesto-Tron 3000"


... Photo of Matthew after treatment

Note a well-demarcated unilocular radiolucency between teeth #s 26-27 involving the full-length of the ...

Lateral view - chest X ray of Tin Man Syndrome

Bowel obstruction

18 - A Chinese teenager slipped and stabbed himself in the face with a 7cm knife

RV LV DA ...

Bilaterally, some small linear opacities persist (A and B; see arrowheads), no further parenchymal abnormalities are appreciable

Georgia Kello, Eloise Thorpe, Luke Kipping and Mandy Bailey of newly opened Cooloola Radiology

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This image shows an X-ray of the 27-year-old Chinese man's

Munching on metal

Case Report: Extramedullary Plasmacytoma of the Gallbladder Detected on Fluorine 18-fluorodeoxyglucose Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography ...

My 22 year struggle with lower back pain and how I turned it around

Figure 2: (a) Confluent ground-glass densities in both the lungs noted in the computed tomography scan done on the 8th postoperative day.

Normal thymus in a 27-year-old patient.

Figure 1: Initial computed tomography done on the 1st postoperative day showing right lower lobe consolidation and left pleural effusion

Ideaz : Tin Man Syndrome - RadioPaedia X-ray and CT scan of Ectopia cordis interna : Age of Tin Man

Propylthiouracil-associated pulmonary vasculitis that manifests as DAH in 27-year-old man

Cryptogenic organising pneumonia | Radiology Reference Article |

Frontal chest radiograph shows a mass at the medial left lung apex with a portion of the mass demonstrating a sharp, well-defined border (arrows).

Fractured tooth



Photo of Hills Dental Group - San Jose, CA, United States. Implant Lower

'The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges has published a list of treatments that have little to no effect, including x-rays for back pain.

New technology at Novant Health Takes the Stress Out of Getting an MRI

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Dog with fishing hook inside it

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Figure 5: 46-year-old male who met with a road traffic accident

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A 13-year-old male with history of asthma presented with 5 days of shortness of breath and was found to be hypoxic. A and B, Posteroanterior chest ...

46-year-old man with primary alveolar proteinosis. HRCT scan with lung window

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Axial CT image shows a 'hole' in the lung with air-fluid level (arrow), surrounded by ground glass opacity (arrowheads) in a trauma patient.

A 58-year-old patient treated by concomitant radio-chemotherapy for a SCLC and presenting with a severe dysphagia since the end of the treatment: a: severe ...

Tomorrow is Jeans for Genes Australia Day and Bolsover Radiology has the whole team dressed and ready to go!

Proud to be supporting and raising awareness during Pink October

Fig. 5

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In this first x-ray image we found not one but two fused sections of vertebraes in my neck, a genetic defect that unfortunately nothing can be done.

Coronal T2 weighted MRI image through the pelvis shows massive enlargement of the uterus (between arrows) containing several heterogeneous masses, ...

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Figure 1.15c — Ewing's Family Tumor of the Chest Wall and Pleural Space. Axial CT obtained 3 months after initiation of chemotherapy shows dramatic response ...

Jeff and Susan Snow


Fig. 4


1B) and oxygenation. Following whole lung lavage, inhaled GM-CSF therapy was effectively continued to maintain her pulmonary manifestations.

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[5]; Interesting Facts about Xrays

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Figure 3: 32-year-old female presented with recurrent pancreatitis due to ectopic

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Open image in new window. Fig. 27

How playing with dangerous x-rays led to the discovery of radiation treatment for cancer | PBS NewsHour

A bullet lands in man's eye socket

Coronal CT image shows additional enhancing nodules in the medial left pleural space (arrows). The patient has had a left nephrectomy for renal cell ...

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Postcontrast images show vessels coursing through the area of consolidation in the right lower lobe (CT angiogram sign, arrow), confirming that this is an ...

... 27. 5Thoracic imaging ...

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A 71-year-old male presenting with orthopnea, chest pain, hypoxemia, light fever, cough. He was treated for a squamous cell lung carcinoma of the middle ...

Figure 1.21a — Benign Metastasizing Leiomyoma Metastases. Frontal chest radiograph shows a mass at the base of the left lung (arrows).

Experts Debate: Is It 'Nuts' to Restart Anticoagulation After Lobar ICH?


Cryptogenic organising pneumonia | Radiology Reference Article |

Scar-like pattern: a: 62-year-old patient presented with a 13 mm squamous cell lung carcinoma in the left upper lobe. He was medically inoperable due to ...