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BE YOUNIQUE Life39s a roller coaster Don39t remain seated

BE YOUNIQUE Life39s a roller coaster Don39t remain seated


Roller coaster car, Atlantic City, New Jersey, John Margolies Roadside America photograph archive

The Joker Roller Coaster REAL POV! Spinning 4th Dimension Ride! Six Flags Great Adventure - YouTube

Roller Coaster Loop

Dueling dragons - Fire Ice: wanna ride it - they don't duel anymore

Sit back, look straight ahead, and hold on tight for this one! This alternative to the chain/cable lift gets your coaster off to a MUCH quicker start.

Led Zeppelin The Ride Roller Coaster POV Hard Rock Park Myrtle Beach SC - YouTube

People on a loop-de-loop roller coaster.

Cedar Fair

Smiler Duelling Michael Garnett

These 10 USA Roller Coasters Don't Live up to the Hype

Top 13 SCARIEST Roller Coasters in the WORLD!

Real-World counterpart: B&M Inverting Steel Winged Coasters Type: Steel Roller Coaster, riders sit on low-riding wings of seats on either side of the car

Blackpool Pleasure Beach's technical director, Alex Payne, explains that the seats on the ride

Cover Image Credit: Keep Reading

The deep theme park simulation genre returns, thanks to Frontier Developments.

Rock bottom plunge at the Mall of America in Bloomington Minnesota. This ride also simulates

Because we rode this coaster in the back seats yesterday, we ask for the front row. Not a problem, is ...

The Wild West Express Roller Coaster soars 53 feet tall and features tight turns and heart


The Hurler at Kings Dominion

hulk coaster

2 backwards rows · Climbing backwards ...

Goliath Roller Coaster Front Seat POV Six Flags Over Georgia


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Green Lantern POV Roller Coaster Front Seat Six Flags Great Adventure New Jersey SFGadv

Here's why you feel that sinking feeling on roller coasters

How to overcome your fear of roller coasters. Here is the Superman Escape in Oxenford

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Apollo's Chariot

Planet Coaster Beginner's Guide: Getting Started (UI and Controls) | Planet Coaster

Depending on where you're sitting, you'll fall forward or backward during the first dip. Sometimes I completed a full spin, others I remained inverted ...

Only those who succeed will be greatly honored after a ride on this double-track wooden racer rollercoaster.

Gravity Max OMFG Tilt Roller Coaster POV Seriously Messed Up AWESOME Ride! 搶救地心

The new roller coaster named Manta at Sea World in San Diego is appropriately ocean-themed. Not the biggest or the fastest coaster around, the Manta has ...

World's tallest roller coaster ride POV - Skyscraper at Skyplex Orlando

El Toro | Roller Coaster Showdowns - CoasterCritic

Kingda Ka roller coaster

Angela loved Mako so much she went on it three times

Ninja on Lift Hill

Storm Runner at Hersheypark

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The Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point in Ohio is the world's tallest and fastest roller

What is a stand-up roller coaster? You don't get to sit down for this one! Just how much can you stand?

blackpool pleasure beach icon rollercoaster

That's how powerful this ride is. You don't hear me say that on any other coasters, now do you. Kumba. It learned to use the force.

After falling 500 metres, the rider would then go through seven loop-de-

I thought I wouldn't be intidimidated now that I have taken a 20 storey dive coaster. I was wrong. It was not because the ride is very ...

Ride Scorpion at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Gadget's Go Coaster

Grand National is one of only a handful of Möbius Loop roller coasters still operating, and features trains that “race” each other as they traverse ...

Photo By: Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio

10 Best Rollercoasters in Orlando - Orlando's biggest, fastest and best Rollercoasters

As if that's not enough, here are three other reasons why you should consider riding this jaw-dropping coaster this summer:


Roller coaster death: Texas woman falls out as car banks 90 degrees

green_lantern_1.jpg. GREEN LANTERN coaster loop

Zippy estimates that well over 150,000,000 will visit Theme Parks in America this year. That's staggering if you consider there are just over 326,000,000 ...

16) Loch Ness Monster was the first full circuit coaster to feature interlocking loops, and remains the only coaster with this distinction following the ...

The ones above are unique to this set. The yellow part is a new reference this year and comes in yellow only here.

[ POV ] Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit UNIVERSAL Florida - YouTube

suspended roller coaster

Most of the interview questions centered around what makes this ride unique, and I mentioned that there's faceoff seating, in addition to inverted hang time ...

But what is a body of water to a roller coaster designer other than a flat, open construction arena with a minimum of obstacles complicating the engineering ...

The Best Rides and Attractions at Blackpool Pleasure Beach | Theme Park Tourist

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Euthanasia Coaster. Euthanasia_Coaster_2_bw. Euthanasia_Coaster_3_bw

Riders in Vertical Velocity train barreling down track towards camera

Adventure City

A Pass Like No Other

Review: Hersheypark's Laff Trakk coaster is a fun spin on fun house - The Morning Call

This is one of the few double looping coasters from the Anton Schwarzkopf Co that are still around and the only Double Looping Schwarzkopf coaster left in ...

It's why Pixar Pier will still connect to its Cali coast inspirations. “This is still your classic California seaside pier.

Dollywood Lightning Rod Coaster


Witnesses who saw the woman tumble from the ride directed paramedics to the victim's location.

Orient Express was for many years synonymous with Worlds of Fun, and in the history of the park's coasters its easily a close second in terms of memorable ...

Photo of Raging Bull - Gurnee, IL, United States. The yellow train navigates