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Dhiren and Kishan although they would never pose like this

Dhiren and Kishan although they would never pose like this


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I'm for Team Ren, though I do really like Kishan as well :)

Alagan Dhiren Rajaram

beautiful black and white tigers hanging out. They look like Dhiren and Kishan from Tiger's Curse!

Dhiren e Kishan

Team Ren or Team Kishan? I'm on Team Ren! Although I love Kishan! I'm glad he got with Anamika! even thought they hated each other to start with XD

Fight of the bros

Tiger Love [Ren X Reader X Kishan]

Bengal Tigers - This picture sends a message saying that racism shouldn't be a thing, and that being equal is a thing.

Clair's Reviews > Tiger's Curse

If only she was i tiger. I think that would be a awesome book.


The tigers in this (ren and kishan) are so good but that's not how

Ladies, I give you April 2013 contest search winner for Ren is.


I love Tiger's Curse! I thought it was going to be another crappy book like Walmart usually sell, but man was I wrong.

Dhiren - Tiger's Curse by sisteroftheflame ...

Ren and Kelsey in the book Tigers Curse!

Ren Concept (Tiger's Curse) by CarolMylius ...

Drawing Dhiren and Kishan (Tiger's Curse) by Nubia Em Detalhes (A maldição do Tigre)

Saga, Tigers, Big Cats

Kelsey Hayes

Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh - Tiger's Curse. In full agreement that these guys are absolutely perfect for the parts of Ren and Kishan!

Kishan and Ren. I love them so much my smol beans

While Colleen Houck is taking a short break from her daily/weekly character tweets in Tiger's Quest, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at the ...

Ren & Kishan going at it

Tiger's Curse by compoundbreadd ...

go to sleep, bilauta.. by ~australialinlin on deviantART

Tigers Curse, Black Tiger, Sohan Kishan Rajaram

@NubiaEmDetalhes @ColleenHouck hey do you like my drawing of #Ren and # Kishan

Tiger's Curse I heart Kishan

Tiger Destiny

Amazing drawing of Ren And Kishan

Tiger's Curse Series Quote - dang it, i think i'm the radish.

Sohan Kishan Rajaram

Dhiren from this pic: [link] Character belongs to Colleen Houck, Tiger's Curse.

my fanart for the book series Tiger's Curse (Dihren, Kelsey and Kishan) I had only read books 1-2 when I drew this.

The first thing you need to know is that tigers eat and they eat a lot so keep a backpack full of things they can snack on especially if the Golden Fruit ...

Alagan Dhiren Rajaram aka Ren, Sohan Kishan Rajaram aka Kishan, and Kelsey Hayes.

Dhiren and Kishan by ~suzq044-chopartist | Tiger's Quest | Pinterest | Tigers, Books and Saga

Dhiren és Kelsey

Tiger's Curse <3 love this book!! Can't wait to read the

I wasn't sure if I liked one side as white and the other black

'I wanted to spend more time with.'" -Tiger's Curse by Colleen Houck

Ren Kelsey I LOVE BOTH OF THEM SO MUCH but most of all, i love

Kelsey and Ren to honor the release of Tiger's Destiny! Kelsey and Ren Tribute

Tiger's Curse Dhiren and Kishan by ~HeavensOtaku on deviantART

Dhiren And Kishan by Darknessunderthemoon on DeviantArt

There was a pause. Then I heard Ren say incredulously, You love her.

And then there is the other side of the coin.


Ren and Kishan of Tiger's Curse finished by

Anik Kadam

Character appearances: Kelsey Hayes, Ren, and Kishan

Tiger's Voyage


This is a Maltese tiger! It's a FRIKEN blue tiger! It's so pretty, and now I really want to see one!

Saga, Tigers, Big Cats

White tiger mother with black tiger cub. Although the cub is black now, in a few months, it's markings will look like it's mothers.

Find this Pin and more on tigers curse by ellery mclaurin.


"I am angry! Why shouldn't I stay a tiger? you seem to be much more comfortable with him then you are with me!" his blue eyes clouded with uncertainty and ...

Jhoy on

That was pretty much my reaction

Images tagged with #TigersDestiny on instagram

ghostco: “ During a quick break from client work today, I did this fanart of Everlasting Boy from Jillian Tamaki's absolutely wonderful web-comic ...

It's true that tigers don't live in Africa, BUT I DON'T

KEEP CALM AND LOVE DHIREN RAJARAM. Sorry I had to, I love this.

is it hot in here? Dream Casting Kelsey, Ren and Kishan! | Tiger's Curse - Blog

DeviantArt: More Like Tiger's Curse by compoundbreadd

Explore the collection of images "Animals" by Hanny Heloise (hannyheloise) on We Heart It, your everyday app to get lost in what you love.

Two Brothers...Tiger's Curse by Aerowan ...

ren and kishan

Some tiger babies have the blue eyes as cute style but it's just appear in anime life , tigers babies always look like cute human babies in features.

Dhiren and Kishan by ~suzq044-chopartist | Tiger's Quest | Pinterest | Tigers, Books and Saga

DIY the Diamond painting Black tiger and white tiger embroidery square drill Diamond mosaic pasted Cross stitch Needlework LXC01-in Diamond Painting Cross ...

For Sale on - While wandering through a flea market in Italy this summer, I came across this fantastic snake bracelet. The level of detail matches or ...

Kishan and Kelsey // Tiger's Curse. Honestly Kishan deserved more love. Ren always got the girl, and the love. Kishan was literally living in his brother's ...

Tigers Curse 2016 I can't wait!

This is so cute! Characters from Tiger's Curse

To date there is only one copy of this version of the book and I own it. What I really liked about this cover was the tension between the fighting cats.

Prologue - The Curse - This is the amulets that Ren and Kishan carry that protect

Tiger's Curse

Alagan Dhiren Rajaram and Sohan Kishan Rajaram!

Dhren and Kishan-tigers curse series

Kishan Rajaram by on @deviantART

I love Ren he is just a little naive but to adorable not to

Tiger's Quest Cover

I have a feeling that this was either photoshopped, or it is at a zoo. Amur (Siberian) Tigers don't exist in the wild anymore with a white coat.

Ren and Kelsey one of the sad parts :(

'The Maltese Tiger' (or Blue Tiger) was reported mostly from the Fujian Province of China, being characterized by a bluish fur with dark stripes.

Tiger's Curse Kishan | KEEP CALM & LOVE KISHAN

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Alagan Dhiren Rajaram

The journey that began in imagination and pages will soon come to life in an entirely new form.

From the Tiger's Curse series, tried a quick sketch. where kishan is rugged.

Kishan,Kelsey, and Dhiren\ Ren

"But then he pressed me close and spoke softly in my ear, 'Please don't leave me, priya. I don't think I could survive without you.