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Drink Responsibly Drink Responsibly MEMES amp COMICS

Drink Responsibly Drink Responsibly MEMES amp COMICS


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Why I drink

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responsibility is why I drink.

Alcohol. The Cause And The Solution To All Of Life's Problems - Homer Simpson


Im drinking my favorite drink tonight,its called a shitload, which is more than an assload but still less than a fuckton,humor,meme

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Drink While You Drink

Arthur Doesn'T Look Bad But What Have They Done To Caillou ?

Good Thing He's Having A Baby Soon.

How time changes. Trading in the ol' glass of wine for a protein shake. Find this Pin and more on Drink responsibly ...


Sartre stopped inviting Kierkegaard, because Kierkegaard kept giving him crosses and trying to get him

Sparky Doodles: Childish Adults

Sparky Doodles: Alcohol

Yeah, Still Mad About It. Alcohol Actually Isn't Bad If You Drink

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'Drink Responsibly' Gin Print

Drink Responsibly

He's A Responsible Parent, You Wouldn't Want To Give Those Kids Any Adult

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That Post Gave Me Thirst

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Cartoon in the Mobile Press-Register by JD Crowe 2/2/11


People crave nicotine more when they are drinking, and crave alcohol more when they are

Sartre and Camus told everyone that their falling out was over politics, but really it

Magdalene Visaggio (Kim & Kim) ...

Retro Fighters Brawler64 gamepad

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Always Responsible For how you act no matter how you feel. Funny Pictures Funny Quotes

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De Gea was responsible for many top saves to keep his side in the tie and his heroics has led to some incredible memes to describe just how good and ...

The (Un)Official Royal Rumble 2018 Drinking Game ...


TMS' Most Favorite Women Comics Writers of 2016 and Beyond! | The Mary Sue

Four Loko Pumpkin Spice – Meme WeKnowMemes

Study finds that alcohol doesn't impair our ability to control our actions, such

Yeah, Still Mad About It. Alcohol Actually Isn't Bad If You Drink Responsibly. by liberal - Meme Center

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Stephen Hawking held a party for time-travellers - but no-one turned up... | Daily Mail Online

And then we continued on to Oxford Books, where we have lunch in the café (highlight was a sweet beverage flavored by almonds and pistachios) and then some ...

I Imagine This is what it's like to receive an Amazon package in Heaven. Funny


For best results, the commentator should be read in the voice of Michael Palin

A recent study in the journal Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science found that heavy coffee consumption could be responsible for worsening eyesight ...

Point McKay Wine Store

s-l1600. If and when it does hit store shelves, just … drink responsibly.


basically this once discussion threads arrive

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Amanda Conner (Harley Quinn) ...

Prime Minister Trudeau talks politics, fatherhood, and feminism with Vox - Vox

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In Which We See a Surprisingly Mature Side of Adam Wednesday!

"But you made Care Bears creepy and weird" No. Wrong. The Care. "

My feeling after trying to keep up with the daily new Javascript frameworks.

He cant lose!

If you've been smoking, particles of smoke will be in your clothes, hair, and breath, and people will be able to detect it. It's easy to reduce the smell, ...

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(Okay, that meme is funny. But little kids drinking? NOT FUNNY. In fact, that baby drinking is part of the deeper meaning we'll be delving in a little bit ...

Little Lulu.

Retro meme

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4. Customers, Part 3

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Research involving 30,000 people has found drinkers have significantly different emotional responses to different alcoholic drinks

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Drink Holder Someone put a soap in my drink holder. Funny Pictures Funny Quotes Funny



Rated M for Manly

Unicorn vs Goblins by Dana Simpson