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Hahaha funny Disney 39u39 t Jelsa Happy halloween

Hahaha funny Disney 39u39 t Jelsa Happy halloween



Jelsa~The very first person that I saw

My really face when i see Jelsa · Disney MoviesFunny ...

Make me a King 2

Jelsa part 1 by PegasisterXiane13 on deviantART


XD · Disney FunDisney ...

It s a bad time hiccup no just no don't ruin the Jelsa moment

Hahahaha. xD

Actually I can see Elsa being the guardian of Freedom. Since, that's all she wanted was to be free and be herself without worrying about hurting people and ...

Hahaha, Elsa doesn't like all these pairings!

By / merida rapunzel hans eugene flynn anna kristoff hiccup :) poor rapunzel heart broken

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Ha ha funny

Jelsa all the way!

Elsa and Mulan are now best buds! Mulan: “So you caused an avalanche too?” Mulan: “Big one?” Elsa: “It was the whole mountain and wiped away my set.

Jelsa this is cute

Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons- XD

Elsa reaction to Jelsa. yup I don't ship Elsa with anyone, just · Funny DisneyDisney ...

@Adriana Martínez Lister @Natalie Jost Jost Noel Truitt THEY MADE A PIN OF MY IDEA!!! THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY :DDD!

Jack Frost as Jack Skellington, Elsa as Sally. (Believe me, I know

Pocket Princesses 224: Happy Halloween 2017!

haha nice try jack

This is what I feel like when people say I can't ship Jelsa and that helsa is more likely.


Funny Pictures Of The Day - 39 Pics

Disney Halloween

We loved the movie Inside Out so much that we had to dress the part for Halloween. It didn't hurt that we had just the.

Super six and jelsa. Rapunzel you are married to Eugene. Disney PunsFunny ...

Elsa as everyone in Tangled. Funny DisneyDisney ...

Doing this when I have a kid | for the babies:) | Pinterest | Costumes, Tangled and Halloween costumes

Disney Cosplay

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miraculous ladybug & cat noir is jack frost & Elsa arendell


must put Jelsa to an end! Although I love Jelsa immensely, it probably won't overpower my love for Jackunzel. <----no just no RAPUNZEL HAS EUGENE

CUTE but Merida and Jack should switch houses

Evil Elsa don't mess with Anna! And leave Elsa alone too!

Pocket Princess 141: The Elsa CutPlease Reblog, do not repostFacebook page

Future pivotal Isaton scene (technically Jelsa/Cinderella crossover,but it works!

Happy Family ^^ I call this Frosty Kingdome ^^ But I prefer Mericcup :((

Jack Frost and Pitch Black AU · Disney FunDisney ...

Anna and Kristoff as Vampires (yeah sure, why not)

Can't Keep it in by samantharobinson - Elsa - Frozen

boys are good at hair stuffs by Yamygugu

@Hiphip_hurray じしゃくさん遅ればせながら改めましてお誕生おめでとうございました!大遅刻

Elsa and Anna

Frozen: Funny faces!

by Lime-Hael on deviantART Poor Jack :( haha

Busted by ComickerGirl on deviantART I wondered when someone would bring this up.

Aaaaww Maui srsly reminds me of my friend hahah luv dat guy

Jack: Hey there Elsa. You look pretty today. Elsa: *blushes* Aw Jack your just saying that.

Disney Crossovers

Haha I love how ELSA'S the one just randomly kissing Jack, instead of the other way 'round.Much more fun too XD

Another jelsa story part 3

Jelsa ♥ If this is offend to jackunzel shippers I will totally take it off. < < I don't give a fuck if it affends jackpunzel shippers.

It wouldn't be Halloween without spotting at least five different Disney character costumes – at least. Disney has managed to take over a lot of things, ...

LOL Jelsa is TOO funny... And cute together at the same time!

Hans' Big Moment by teamhans

Jelsa ❄ ❤ At each other's throats (true love's humble beginnings)

Disney princesses dress up for Halloween- tiana's and the girl on the far rights outfits are my favorite

hahahaha Jelsa

Pocket Princesses Happy Thanksgiving - And this is why you don't leave Merida, Anna, or Ariel in the kitchen.

Disney Cute

If the Disney Princesses were manga characters (image)

I think he just never intended on returning. Even if he didn't bag one of the princesses he would've moved on to other kingdoms.

I bet every time a new Disney/DreamWorks animation is made, Jack shows up to warn the lead character about fangirls.

Haha um aladdin are u gay?

Don't Let go ELSA!! by on @

Kabuki by tigrin < < XD I love this too much! >>>> Hahahaha oh Hiro XD

love snow cute dress ice Romantic jack frozen frost powers jack frost let it go rise of the guardians rotg blue dress elsa queen elsa ice castle jelsa Jack ...

doodle comics is good,too I think Rapunzel,Merida will be good friends for Elsa! Rapunzel and Elsa (c) Disney Jack and Hiccup (c) Dreamworks The Big four ...

Happy Easter

Haha look at his face

Elsa and Jack Frost

Jackunzel reacts to Jelsa. by sheissobeautiful hahahhahahahahahaha lol But Elsa is not worthy to be. Disney ShipsCool ...

Kim Possible - October 31st

Dishonour on the whole anti-Jelsa community!

DISNEYWORKS: On Our Way To Disneyland Hiccup is not happy, the poor baby would rather be riding toothless. But you can't take dragons to Disneyland, I know, ...

Jack looking after Elsa.

rise of the brave tangled dragons

Violet and Wilbur · Costumes For HalloweenCouple CostumesHappy HalloweenDisney ...

If Disney princesses had moms!

XD I haven't done anything Willet in awhile so I'll just post this ^^ I'm to lazy to redraw it or anything so XD Wilbur (C) Disney Violet -(C) Pixar 

Is it weird that I never noticed he didn't have eyebrows until this post

Jelsa❤ photo credit says on the photo

I don't know why, maybe it's the tired talking, but this was. Platypus JelsaDisney ...

If Anna didn't get hit then what is the point of the movie?

Finished a lot of work today, including two commissions and part of my assignment, so I rewarded myself with a Jack Frost request sketch haha *___*;

OMG X'D · Opera MusicMusical TheatreStory IdeasDisney CharactersHappy HalloweenJack ...

Yeah, um, sorry! I've hidden it where you'll never

Haha! xD Lion King

this is fantastic jelsa fanart

Jelsa part 2

This is the first time I draw Merida! Elsa is in the Slytherin? Elsa ,Merida and Rapunzel (c) Disney Jack (c) Dreamworks

Haha poor Elsa.

Jelsa "a te harcod az én harcom"

Ah ha ha ha! - Frozen - "A girlfriend made of ice! Ice is my life. I might cry a little." I wouldn't say Anna is Kristoff girlfriend though.