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Hahahaha quotMy fangirl army could whoop yoursquot XDXDXD Rick

Hahahaha quotMy fangirl army could whoop yoursquot XDXDXD Rick


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Oh and sometimes I will be so lost in the book that when you ask me for the third time I'll just quickly flip ...

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Perachel needs to die!

I want this so bad Rick can you just write a series of books consisting only of Percabeth dates please

Hahahaha "My fangirl army could whoop yours!" XDXDXD

How many times can Percy win best boyfriend award

Beware of fangirls. Cuz an army of fangirls is stronger than Saitama

Legit stranger things though like rick is the thessylhydra in the end of season 2 tryin to split apart my mileven and I'm like hell nah get out of my face ...

I not a solangelo shipper, but this is beautiful < < < <


Hahahaha "My fangirl army could whoop yours!" XDXDXD

I've been reading a lot of these lightly, and I've gotten

WHY DOES NOBODY TALK ABOUT THIS Reason # 89128294 why I love Jacin clay

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It takes a strong person to stay but an even stronger person to leave and start over.

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross quote. In memory of my son Randy 2007 at age 51

This is such a cool Percy Jackson theory. I love exploring characters more!

This would happen

10 Hilarious Things To Do In Public funny jokes story lol funny quote funny quotes funny

Messiest thing you've ever done?

Even though he's still sixteen so according to the house of Hades don't it

Those are his ears, Zeus

A very Potter musical quote--pls credit Pflaumenaugust ❤ liked on Polyvore

I believe I told this to my husband, oh years ago, when we decided to not break up because we were in college.

Yes Zeus ur kid is weird, he tried to eat a stapler.

Hey @Candace Renee Wallace I bet they will lose their minds when I stop pushing

It's normal! Let's go grab lunch!" HAHAHAHAHA;.

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Me voy a cansar

The wave- Rick yancey

That's really true

Ahh I miss the fandom #MazeRunner

If you think about it, this is the most Catholic statement ever!! When

Looking at this from a lesbians view. would or should I be worried about them eating me?

Okay Peter Parker

Funny tumblr post

Festus is always better

If dream Jesus doesn't fish slap you, how bad an idea can itbe?

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Yes, Nico, that is totally the way to get people to calm down. Talk about your French Zombie Chaperone.

He's just not that into you quote. Ahh Mann... Funny how you

i wanna splayed. you can use it a weapon and eat with it and basically use it for everything

How bout me ripping a sea urchin outta my foot hardcore (don't worry it survived )

this is a stretch but sjm does have plot twists sometimes < < dangerous thought, but would Rhys still love Feyre if he found out that she was the daughter of ...

Annabeth can't choose…..neither can I. I love how Leo and Percy are just yelling Hunger Games stuff the whole time

I want Bucky to be an Avenger, although it might be a while

Get Your Shit Together Rick and Morty Quote Summer schwifty

This would be so weird to non fandom members

You know Rick stops caring when Percy's characterization just keeps falling down. Maybe it's time

I dont "try" I DO ...

So, I'm in this show and the boy who plays Jimmy just belts the last note. Everyone is cheering their butts off cause it is beautiful. He is so talented!

John Mayer quote

Yup sure enough iaint stupid i got eyes i can see and hear whats going on why the fuck do i allow myself to be put through all the B. and the ...

Percy Jackson Quotes

There Shouldn't Be A Default - Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda book quote


For a moment I thought Percy was going to cry because Tyson died and I was making myself sad

Hades: "Believe me, dating a guy isn't the worst thing ever

Post with 286 votes and 5173 views. These are facts that JK Rowling let slip in interviews.

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Percy Jackson is a national treasure

"sometimes I have the strangest feeling about you" - Jane Eyre

Mythomagic is a Demigod-owned company that loves Nico back.

percabeth // the last olympian

With God on your side, there is nothing to be afraid of. Our attitude

Can we just appreciate that Nico got excited at the mention of the baby? :D>> RIGHT precious little punk cinnamon roll

This is also from The Mark of Athena ( I'm currently reading it right now)


This is just awful and why are we giving Rick ideas? I'm typing in lower case to show that this seriously hurts.

Being a part of something special makes you special

xD I was like " oh my chemical gays haha. And then I was like " Holy shlit ONE DIRECTION XD" -----> they forgot fall out gay

A Beard Man is a Real Man–Hilarious Quote Posters

au where everyone is born with a unique tattoo, when you fall in love with someone their tattoo appears on your body

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I've been making a list of the things they don't teach you at school. Quote by Neil Gaiman


Bring It On quote. Reminds me of Twaimz @Lydia Squire Squire Squire Squire Greene

Life Quote poster - Start Saying I Will - Retro-style typography art print — Designspiration

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Before annabeth, Luke and Thalia got to camp half blood. Sounds like it's just Luke and Thalia, but then they start talking about annabeth.

For example, Percy charging towards an army, sword in hand, with no plan in mind.

Korean phrases

That's what a true friend will do, i know i will

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But I've hardly seen minho cry except for dramas. It's very rare :') Kpop fans can relate

Tombstone of a gay solider

A Demigod, A Shadowhuntet And A Fangirl, And A Bookworm

How do you decide who to marry? Kids say the darndest things. And I maintain that trucks can look very pretty.

the biggest joke in the pjo fandom. bet uncle rick never thought it'd come to this

Bleach Quote - guess who it is?

Sweet Charity: I'm the Bravest Individual


Nico di Angelo & Leo Valdez (Artwork) Okay judge me but this is one of my FAVORITE text posts and I can't even this is perfection < <


kids can play as either and it has nothing to do with future sexual preference. chill out people. let your kids play. and also, to all you haters: even if ...

I just can't get enough