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LACE EDGE BEZELS 004 Metal Jewelry Ideas t

LACE EDGE BEZELS 004 Metal Jewelry Ideas t


Have The Courage To Grow Strong - Upcycled Sterling And Broken Ceramic Plate - Art Jewelry Pendant - 983

Lace Agate - Greg Genovese - Bitroidal Hematite, Sterling silver, 24kt gold…

Classes:Sterling Silver Pendant and Earrings with Thick Bezel Tab-Set Fold-Formed

Circles Reversible Bezel Pendant Wire Jewelry by Abbyjewellery

Hand woven frame around an old pendant. To jazz it up a little. -



John shows how to combine paper + beads + ICE Resin to make stunningly gorgeous, elegant jewelry with a story.


“The contrast between the soft, feminine texture of the lace next to the shiny

6 Ways to Alter Wire for More Interesting Wire Jewelry Making

White Baby Breath Resin Necklace - Real flowers in resin in open back Bezel, Pressed


I also added a little Gilder's Paste Patina to the edges and loops and a bit inside the cap. To seal, I used Krylon Matte Spray lacquer on the back, ...

How to Wire Net Bezel a Cabochon


How To Make This Stacking Contemporary Necklace

My Heart Bezel -Oops turned Oh, la, la and the Inspiration for this Design team project!

Basket Weave Bezel

DIY Free Tutorial How To Make: Filigree Cage 14 16 18 20 22 mm Round Gemstone Sphere Bead Cap Holder Pendant Necklace Jewelry Vintage Brass

Vintage Necklace, Charm Necklace, Bib Necklace - A Tribute to Great Gran

These 7 Wire Weaving Patterns Will Wow You!

We spotted this online: A Carnival Necklace featuring Susan Lenart Kazmer's Industrial Chic elements from

prong setting can be an easy way to set objects in jewelry if your not comfortable with bezel setting

Deerskin Lace




How to make a Step Bezel (bezel with an open back)

Using Deep Bezels and Magnifying Lenses to Make Customized Pendants, Brooches, Assemblage Jewelry - YouTube

This last one, I torch patina'd, sealed with Krylon Matte and glued on this 25x18mm lace edge bezel mounted with this pretty resin hummingbird cameo:

How to Make a Lace Pendant for a Necklace

How to Use Organics in Open Back Bezels with Nunn Design 2-Part Resin - Nunn Design

Earrings, Pendants, Bracelet with Lace Edge Bezels, Beer Caps, Cameos, Art Bubbles, Text Images

Beadaholique Round Bezel Beads with Glass Cabochon Pendant Kit, 25mm, Antiqued Silver Plated

This comprehensive metal clay textures guide includes dozens of ways to impress dimensional patterns to make

If you haven't yet explored using Open Back Bezels and Nunn Design 2-Part Resin, you are in for a creative treat! The look is beautiful and the process to ...

Kylie Jones's Garnet 2-in-2 Chain Maille Necklace, Chain Maille Jewelry.

silver teardrop pendant tray bezel clay brooch DIY unique shape jewelry making supplies blank


After applying a thin layer, place all the gears, cogs, and watch parts.

Abby Hook's Heart Frame Bracelet - Final step, Contemporary Wire Jewelry, Lashing, Wire

I added this interesting plastic ring and then various beads.

Instructions to Make An Easy Glass Dome Necklace

Jewelry Making Supplies DIY Rolo chain necklaces, Blank Pendant Tray Bezels, Amate Pendant Tray Jewelry Blank, Bottle Caps, How-to Tutorial Gallery Rings ...

The Gilder's also gives the color some texture, a bit of a grainy appearance. To get a little less of that, I would simply thin it a tad bit more with ...

I have only to decide what to do with them....color, type of media for the color, what sort of jewelry I want them to become. Since I like how they came out ...

New accessories are right at your fingertips! Spice up your wardrobe with these easy jewelry craft ideas.

My idea was to partially fill a bezel with clay.

Blank Slate Jewelry

Make Your Own Vintage pendant - Glass Tile Tray Vintage Jewellery Kit - YouTube

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Pamela Hawkins's Smashed Fringe Necklace and Earrings - , Contemporary Wire Jewelry, Cutting, Cutting

If you haven't ever tried jewelry resin, give it a try! This is a perfect beginner resin project and looks spectacular!

Laser Cut Wood Jewelry

how to make jewelry, beading pattern, Jewelry making classes, jewelry ideas to make. Step 4:


Silver Circle Pendant Bezels - 19mm

Trim the shapes with the craft knife and then check that they fit inside the bezels. Trim until they fit the bottom of the bezels and press them down gently ...

First… fit, trim, file, and solder the bezel strip to fit snugly around the cabochon.

Laser Cut Necklaces

These are the most unique resin-filled bezels I have made this year. I am preserving small pieces of tatted lace.

15mm lace edge bezel ...

Abby Hook's Simple T-bar and Toggle Clasp - Trim., Findings & Components

Start by picking the bezel of your choice and the watch parts that you like to go with it (all of these items are available in the jewelry section of your ...

_DSC0945-logo ...

Once they are in place, use the stick to drip more resin on the bezel, right on top of the little watch pieces. The resin will create a doming effect, ...

Lisa Pavelka square bezel deep well pendant blank tray for resin or polymer clay jewelry

Silver plated Round brass lace edge bezel ...

Abby Hook's Spiral Bead Cage - , Findings & Components, Toggles & Clasps, Earwire

Hand Stamped Jewelry | Mandala-Style Heart Pendant

how to make jewelry, beading pattern, Jewelry making classes, jewelry ideas to make

Abby Hook's Simple T-bar and Toggle Clasp - Prepare to form the second loop

Sarah Thompson's Twist and Shout Pendant - , Wire Weaving, Dapping, Dapping Jewelry,

You can also use knotting applications with digitally produced objects, such as how Etsy seller Leahinc uses a slipknot to make the black waxed cotton cord ...

Kylie Jones's Round Maille and Leather Necklace - , Chain Maille Jewelry, Making Chain,

Mini pocket watch setting pendant charm resin craft diy blank miniature

Brass antique bronzed round bezel double lace edged ...

Loulerie White Gold Diamond Droplet Necklace

DSC_0793_1000x1000 IMG_3977_sculptresin_logo

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

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Melanie Greenberg's Jewelry of Entropy and Decay

Once they are in place, use the stick to drip more resin on the bezel, right on top of the little watch pieces.


At this time, we have 23 mm (Size 36) and 38 mm (Size 60) Pendant Bezels in three finishes: Silver, Antique Brass, and Gunmetal.

My multi color swirl necklace is now strung and ready to wear!

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Kylie Jones's Copper Braided Chain Maille Bracelet - , Chain Maille Jewelry, Making Chain,

How To Make A Glitzy Key Pendant

20 NECKLACE of polished clear optical, black and cream Vitrolite