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Looks like an albino Dachshund Wonder if his eyes are t

Looks like an albino Dachshund Wonder if his eyes are t


Looks like an albino #dachshund! (Wonder if his eyes are blue or pink

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Beagle/dachshund mix <3 - this is what my cooper is except he's white with brown spots :)

Dachshunds are one of my favorite kinds of dogs; we have a miniature dachshund who looks a lot like this one, her name is Precious:)

Rolo, a three-year-old miniature dachshund, has caused more than £

Pattern: Double Dapple Double dapple dachshunds usually have large areas of white on their bodies

The Chihuahua Dachshund Mix - The Chiweenie

Photo of adult Dachshund

Dachshund dog


Beautiful Piebald Dachshund, Annabelle. The Piebald Dachshund has a white coat with variations of grey, brown or black shading throughout, which is often ...

pup#3 almost solid white dachshund miniature AKC female puppy blue piebald extreme dachie dashie doxie daxie weiner dog ground hound beautiful tick long ...

Bleeding of the Retina in the Eye in Dogs


White puppy having obvious stains on its eyes caused by eye discharge.

My white and red had 4 white. And are all perfectly healthy

Berger Blanc Suisse by Khevyel The photographer wondered if this dog was an albino. My

'What makes a dachshund so adored by artists?' asks performance artist David Capra. Photograph: Samantha French/Getty Images/EyeEm

I don't know what she did, how she twisted, what angle she looked in, what squirrel caused her to bug out, or what anomaly occurred, but Lulu's third eyelid ...

The Chihuahua Dachshund Mix - The Chiweenie

Watery Eyes in Dogs

Very unique double dapple dachshund. An idea as the perfect beautiful platform for vitiligo.

5 Signs Your Dog's Eye Boogers Are Caused By Something Dangerous

Then there's the feline tail wag… Hardly worth calling a wag, Pompeii has a gentle swirling motion forming beautuful symmetrical figure eights to an fro, ...

Longhaired, smooth and wirehaired Dachshunds by the sea


Dapple dachshunds puppies. Okay, what ever you want- here's treats, my bed, keys to the car, just please- don't look at me with those eyes again.

He is 100% deaf but full of love. He is 7 years old now. His name is Casper Meyer Wiener.

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Yeah she's the second one that I've heard of and that's after hunting down the other online. if anyone knows of another please contact me at brandon.n.lee20 ...

Cloudy Eyes in Dogs

The Chihuahua Dachshund Mix - The Chiweenie

Example of Cherry Eye in a Bulldog

On Facebook, Niki Umbenhower posted a photograph of Rowdy wearing a lei in August 2015

Puppies ...

Eye Injuries in Dogs

A Daschund With Glasses Looking In A Book

Dog Eyes

Dachshunds will melt you with their eyes


Dachshund Luke Eating His Food

If you don't know me super well yet and have maybe just seen me a coupel times online, you might say, “hey, isn't there a second dog?!”

The Chihuahua Dachshund Mix - The Chiweenie

Black Brindle Wire Hair Dachshund

Unequal Pupil Size in Dogs

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The healthy weight of a dachshund

8) Most harnesses and jackets you find in the pet store will not fit your Dachshund

... booger 2

I have tried without success all brands of kibble and can foods for my 8 month old dachshund. She will eat cooked chicken and loves dried chicken treats and ...

and More Cool Facts about Dog Eyesight | The Dog People by

Also known as the ...

Chihuahua with a teary eye

What to do about lumps on a dog


All about canine eye care

Well controlled "dry eye" eyes are indistinguishable from healthy eyes!

Dog with red eyes

Miscarriage in Dogs

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beautiful dachshund sitting

Mixed-breed dogs are fantastically unique.

Crusoe book signing in New York

Two Wired Hair Dachshunds

The Chihuahua Dachshund Mix - The Chiweenie

mini husky puppies

Half-dachshund, half labrador retriever puppy

My dog staring into my eyes

Dachshund digging - it's their natural instinct.

A squished fly covers the Sub in Sub Gum Wanton. Contemplate how this creature's only entry in the tablet of Existence is a bloody smear.

Brain Injury in Dogs

Wondering why your dog has blood and/or brown color in his or her urine? Keeping an eye on what goes in and out of your dog is ...

What Would Cause My Dog's Stomach to Turn Black

The Chihuahua Dachshund Mix - The Chiweenie

Swelling of the Salivary Gland in Dogs

Chihuahua dachshund dog


Chorkie - Chihuahua Yorkshire Terrier Mix

They suffer teeth problems as they now have too many teeth in their enlarged skulls. Their mentality has also been affected, ...

Many a devoted dog owner has failed to notice his pet's eye trouble until it is so advanced that blindness results or the removal of an eye is necessary.

Cocker Spaniel eyes

Smooth Coat Miniature Dachshund Source. Are you wondering if ...

I also decided that for the first part of his visit at least, I would maintain my own disguise as I wire haired.

Dog with one eye closed