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Pin by Peter McLeod on Invader Zim t Feel like and So true

Pin by Peter McLeod on Invader Zim t Feel like and So true


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Zim love tak.

"The Trial" Invader Zim, Zim, The Almighty Tallest, The Irken Empire, Irk, The Trial. "

It makes me sad nobody knows what Invader Zim is anymore.

Make Earth Invaded Again T-Shirt - Invader Zim T-Shirt is $13 today at Ript!


"I can't never get enough of these green space cuties" Invader Zim

Image result for invader zim dib

It is scary how easily this fits into my life. Invader Zim.

this is how i feel when people i dont like have the same opinion as me

Zim such a boss that he can quit being banished with no consensus and again belongs to its respective owner(s)

Friendly reminder that Rebecca Sugar is a huge Invader Zim fan (or so i hear)


Invader Zim funny quote 'halloween spectacular of spooky doom'

space really is A W E S O M E (see the fold reference? and if you dont know who

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Tallest Zim and Science Dib

This Comic takes place after the hype of Zim's Autopsy has died down and Zim's corps has been turned into nothing more then a Trophy in honer of Dib's ...

"There's only TWO sides that remain ZIM" Invader ...

Invader Zim and Rocko's Modern Life crossover

Invader Zim 15 Page 1

Wizard of Oz/ Invader ZIM crossover RP!

invader zim danny phantom - Google Search

gerfew: sometimes i think abt the fact that dib meeting zim an actual irl alien is the best thing thats ever happened to that kid & hes probably been ...

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"Yeah I'm a BITCH, I'll make your existence a NIGHTMARE

Human Shield

Gimme by Invader--ZIM

This MIGHT explain why it took me till Hi Skool to make long lasting friends.

Invader Zim mock cover by on @DeviantArt

Invader zim funny quote Tak: the hideous new girl

Commission for PixelPrincess19 by Skeleion on Invader Zim

Rainbow Road is easy, wth you talkin about. Find this Pin and more on invader zim ...

Dib is literally going insane. That's sad... -Invader Zim issue 12(yes this is real)

Hipster ZIM is gold #Invader ZIM

ZIM by on @DeviantArt

Booootiful Zimmy art ~ Invader Zim, Shimvader Shim, ...


25 cartoon characters made realistic

Children your performance was miserable. Your parents will all receive phone calls instructing them to

Invader Zim Battlefront by Mech_Maker

#InvaderZim Zim Human and Alien version. He looks hot and handsome as human

Invader Zim funny quote 'the nightmare begins'

invader zim motivational by on @deviantART

Dib in Wonderland Comic Cover by

Zim: I put the fires out. Red: You made them worse! Zim

Invader zim funny quote

Invader Zim/Steven universe

Invader Zim (c) Jhonen Vasquez worthy deviation

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Invader zim

such a dynamic pose! Find this Pin and more on Invader Zim by Peter McLeod.

"Sleeping" Invader Zim, Zim, Dib, Rivals, Frenemies ?, ZaDr ?

Invader Zim

This is adorable :)

invader zim | Tumblr

Zim wants to make Dib look bad. I'm guessing this is a play ment for Invader Zim.

alien-clavicles: “FRIED NOODLES trying to maintain a normal Invader demeanor while being a defective and having human feelings and also being labeled as the ...

Zim and Gir by hideousblob on deviantart

Invader Zim

13179415_488864654650324_3446517610958269583_n.png (320×347)


Invader Zim, EVEN MORE expressions

Dib trying to have a normal conversation with Zim Part 2 Invader Zim, Zim, Dib, Frenemies, Rivals, ZaDr

Image result for zim memes

Invader Zim Halloween by Jackfreak1994 on tumblr

Invader zim

"Can I take a moment to talk to you about our lord and savior Invader Zim?

invader turtle

Why was there bacon in the soap? Late Night Hunt by Skeleion. Find this Pin and more on invader Zim ...

Not a ZADR fan but this is hilarious! Find this Pin and more on Invader zim!

It is a good time to become a Zim fan by StarMonyII

Notifications - DeviantArt

Zim doesn't like his sweater. by AccursedAsche on DeviantArt

invader zim meme - Google Search

“- Sometimes in school when the class is quiet I think of this post and. Invader ZimDisney ...

invader zim | Tumblr>>> the maymaysssss

So scary. Find this Pin and more on Invader Zim ...

Gertrude is so cute

Invader Zim Collection Poster

The Owlodactyl's nest: Invader Zim GIR and Piggy acrylic painting

Find this Pin and more on Invader zim by Unicornfartart.

I've seen quite a few pictures of this crossover, and wanted to draw a little something to contribute as well &nb. Invader Zim in Gravity Falls


Woop, there goes my heart. Find this Pin and more on Invader Zim by Peter McLeod.

I somehow knew this would happen XD Invader Zim, ...

DeviantArt: More Like Invader Zim and Gir by dreamwatcher7

i miss this show ;-;

Invader Zim

Invader Zim and Gravity Falls crossover fanart! Zim and Bill Cipher merged as one. A Dangerous Alliance

“Oh you sad lil Earth monkey, Don't be such a Critic of Shminvder Shmim's amazing artistic vision! Find this Pin and more on invader zim ...

Zim is going to throw him off in a minute. Invader Zim belongs to Jhonen Vasquez _.Get Off My Head Gir.

This is a sample from my back-up comic in Invader Zim #13 from

Invader Zim. See more. It was me I was the turkey all along - Surprise Gir

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Zim Comic Part 1 by kaitlynjanetm on DeviantArt

These comics make me want to have the urge to animate anything related to Invader Zim, ugh, I just adore these short comics so much .. especially Zim's ...

Men by on @deviantART GET THE CROWN, SAVE DA

Invader zim

OH NO HE'S HAWT Invader Zim, Dib Membrane