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River Gauja in a spring flood wood and stone t

River Gauja in a spring flood wood and stone t



Sikšņi rapids and Sikšņi dolomite outcrop



KULDIGA, LATVIA - AUGUST 23, 2016: Venta Rapid is a waterfall on the

Brasla river in Gauja national park, Latvia

Kayaking near me _ Irbe River _ Latvia

Liepa rock

Latvia Rūja River Burtnieku Lake

Down the river Gauja tributary the river Mustjegi you will be able to see some classic Gauja landscapes with sandy beaches and forests on the banks.

Ērgļu cliffs

ancient sandstone cliffs with inscriptions in the Gaujas National Park, Latvia

Goat rock (Kazu Iezis) and great view on the Gauja Valley covered with floating

Blue Amata River Snakes through Zvartas Valley, Gauja National Park, Latvia

1 km up the river Mustjegi You can observe landscape from tower, specialy made for tourists.

Venta (river)

Nature of Latvia.

Similar situation with farmhouse Mežparki at top section of the river Gauja.

Autumn Gauja river in Sigulda, Latvia

Nova Scotia's Shubenacadie River provides some of the most incredible whitewater rafting in the world.

The river as it flows past the manor house in Laupa

Gauja river valley winter landscape. Sigulda, Latvia

Traveling to Latvia _ from the air

A flooded river during wet season

Overview; More info

Slow motion river with autumn leafs on the rocks/ Stones and Autumn Leafs

Railway bridge across the Rauna River

Gauja Steep banks Park of senses

Latvia Valmiera

forest river with stones and grass

Overgrown and disused or derelict building with a rusting abandoned old wheeled carriage or farm machinery

Flood at Sooma (lowland rich in bogs and flooding rivers)

Pokaini - holy forest The place is indeed, mysterious. The rocks are the main mystery. No one can tell where they came from. The most popular legen…

Pebble stones in the river water close up view,

restful tranquility



waterfall in blurring with a flowing waters. Stones are around the waters

Spring flood

Autumn in Gauja National Park

Small forest river. A spring close-up

Bulgaria Exchange: Eileen Cook

River photos, royalty-free images, graphics, vectors & videos | Adobe Stock

26. Be careful in spring when floods ...

... kayaking near me _ Gauja river

Sigulda cable car over Gauja river, bungee jump possible

The Skaņaiskalns Nature Park is one of the most spectacular venues spreading for 3 km along the right bank of the River Salaca.

From this place the river Gauja streem in 4 km lenght are small rapids named “Strenču krāces”. There are 6 seperate steps in thoses rapids, one of them is ...

Lime Burning in Romania 19th – 26th September 2015

Overview; More info

A Sushi Masters Guide To Sushi Eating Etiquette…

A young boys' eerie hike up and down ravines, wading through thick underbrush and fallen trees along the river of Līgatne in Gauja National Park, Latvia.

EVERGLADES NATIONAL PARK, United States- protects the southern 20 percent of the original Everglades

The river in Tori

Ķūķu iezis - river Gauja by canoe

Gauja National Park

In landslides blocked this gorge and soon it was filled with mountain river water. Coniferous forest that grew here was flooded and since then this place ...

Flooding river landscape

Nature landscape of spring river on morning dawn. Bright sun lights on green grass and

Devonian sandstone cliffs in Gauja National Park, Latvia's largest and oldest national park

Latvia _ Gauja National Park _ Turaida

The Nature Park is located in the Daugava River

Grouville Common, Jersey, U.K. Flood park.

Riga, Latvia, Art Nouveau facade, wood door

and warmly hosted by the State Forest Service of Latvia …

Luxury, Adventure & Long Term Travel

HDR photography forests nature streams woods wallpaper (#774325) /

... Sword in the 1200s, and more recently restored). Cesis hosts a number of popular summer festivals, including an opera festival, a beer festival and the ...

Gauja, near Sigulda

Seems the Brazos River always flood during Thanksgiving! HOME

TAMK And the Urban Forest

CESIS, June 20, 2017

Flooded trees in mangrove rain forest. Kampong Phluk village. Cambodia

Venta Rapids in Kuldīga. The Venta waterfall (Ventas rumba) is the widest waterfall

Baltic sea near Ventspils, Latvia

In the days of yore, the Devil gathered stones to build a bridge to Sāmsala

Gauja National Park

Skats no Gaiziņkalna

There are lot of beavers in the river Gauja and in old river bed lakes. Best time to observe them is near sun set.

Spring flood in Estonia. The witch well.

The steep banks of River Gauja

The River Thames viewed from the riverbank in Eton in Summer

Small waves in the river Kamenice in Czech Switzerland

Mountain river with ladder for swimming in Carpathians, Ukraine

floodplain forest with some fallen trunks and rotting remnants of trees in spring

Banks of the Gauja river Latvia

beautiful coast of Vltava. Prague, Czech Republic

In spring time, after snow melts and fills surrounding river, area around 2 small lakes turns into 50 large wetland, flooding roads, meadows and forests.

Gauja National Park ...

Autumn Gauja river in Sigulda, Latvia

Hiking In Bogs

Beaver flooded forests

Winter kayaking _ Travel to Latvia _ Dviete Floodplain _ ESCAPERIES


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Salacgrīva - Image: Salatsi sild üle Salatsi jõe

Gauja National Park - Sandstone cliffs on the Gauja near Cēsis


Gauja, Latvia

Pumped from the streets into the river, floods area in Thailand