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VTL5C3 Axial Vactrol Optocoupler Pedals FUTURE BUILDS

VTL5C3 Axial Vactrol Optocoupler Pedals FUTURE BUILDS


VTL5C3 Axial Vactrol Optocoupler

... their symbols, layout and tips and tricks for reading them. Learn how to translate schematics into the real world in the form of things you build on a ...

Solstice - Marshall Shredmaster Guitar Pedal PCB


Shred Meister

Guitar FX Layouts: Marshall Shredmaster

ZiRCONiA Optical Compressor V.1.1


Guitar FX Layouts: EHX 66 Triangle Big Muff

Optokoppler VTL5C1 / 21L883 ( used by Mesa Boogie ®, Fender ® ) Optocoupler

Guitar FX Layouts: JHS Morning Glory

Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer ! SWEET vintage compressor !

My Top Ten Most Useful Breadboard Tips and Tricks


Scheiben bei reichelt elektronik

Solaris - Dallas-Arbiter Fuzz Face Guitar Pedal PCB

Guitars. Find this Pin and more on Pedals | FUTURE BUILDS ...

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Wholesale Buy Various Tube Guitar Amp DIY Repair Parts from mafaudio Vintage HIFI DIY

MarVac Electronics - Detail

Chris timko ( @furthurdown )

I like to keep things neat on circuit boards. That means no standing axial components

Nick Lee ( @nick.lee.animated )

Fredrik Karl Anders Jonasson ( @skilling )

(un)Worthy Mods [Archive] - Page 9 - Muse Messageboard

SolaSound+ToneBender+3.png (1466×1499)

(un)Worthy Mods [Archive] - Page 9 - Muse Messageboard

Taptation Tap Tempo Kit

Finlay Shakespeare ( @futuresoundsystems )

... Pedals | FUTURE BUILDS via johann_van_niek. Se mere. azabache_11_pcb

( @zerosum_inertia )

Guitar FX Layouts: Pro Analog MKIII Fuzz

Effect Control V1.2 – KIT

(un)Worthy Mods [Archive] - Page 9 - Muse Messageboard

Analog-like Echo

Heru ( @heru1327 )

Grant McConnell ( @granttmcconnell )

Aluminium knob ripple 20mm black 6mm knurled shaft

Gianfranco Marongiu ( @things.falling_apart )

Multiplex Echo Machine | 1776 EFFECTS

#vactrol medias

Stefan Robbers ( @eevolute )

... Pedals | FUTURE BUILDS von johann_van_niek. Mehr sehen. Picture

Super Skwisher - Ross /Dynacomp/Boutique Compressor

Six Shooter – 6 Band EQ | 1776 EFFECTS

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Gianfranco Marongiu ( @things.falling_apart )

( @discrete_formants )

(un)Worthy Mods [Archive] - Page 9 - Muse Messageboard

(un)Worthy Mods [Archive] - Page 9 - Muse Messageboard

Digital Pot

Stephen McMillen ( @stevewire )