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Quotdo you know dsmquot Kpopjrock and more t BTS Kpop

Quotdo you know dsmquot Kpopjrock and more t BTS Kpop


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All we need to know is if Suga was good or not

Suga is right :/

More like mumble the parts you don't know, silence on the rap parts, and screaming all the English parts at the top of your lungs.

You listen to Despacito and don't understand it either?

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time passes as

Kim Taehyung and his seaweed hair. Find this Pin and more on kpop ...

Key (Kim Kibum) FANFICTION "The Black Widow and the Bitch" Read about · RelationshipKpop ...


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I thinks its more like 10000 hot gorgeous Korean hunks :D

accept Korean is my second language. the languages I learned in order are Spanish Korean Japanese Chinese Tamil English I have been speaking English for ...

If anyone ever said that to me I'd slap them because well I don't love many things more than bts

bts logo army - Buscar con Google

We all need Bangtan masking tape to quiet down every kpop hater with it 👌

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Scientists are researching a way to know what goes on inside the brains of aliens! <--- hes not an alien. Find this Pin and more on Kpop ...

I was at an H Mart in Chicago, and saw a small BTS blanket, and ran to it. I was sad because the small section was just Kpop merch.

I can't even listen to Cristal snow, because my country allow it for some stupid reason! I'm so mad, tho I found the song on Spotify so everything ...

Taehyung teaching people korean < < I would do that if I knew a second language

Jimin:"Let them see ur abs" *lift up V's clothes*No abs.haizz V:"haizz,jinjia."*jimin and v laughs*

See more. Kpop, Jrock, cada um tem sua forma de brindar heueheueh... #

i don't know who to laugh more at innocent j-hope or crazy jimin XD BTS, kpop.

Fan chant guide

Find this Pin and more on BTS by Esraah K. See more

relating moments to kpop - I feel like a human sacrifice would be more appropriate XD

See more. Don't block my English subbed videos, YouTube! :P. Kdrama MemesBts MemesDrama QuotesFunny StuffKorean ...

An english translated line of V's from BTS mv 'N.O' If you have any request for a quote to be made, just leave a comment of who you want BTS V quote

Stay positive, oppa is waiting

He got to do some explaining to…(If Bambam is related to V in this tree, I'm now in love with the majority of the family, ...

kpop fangirls ♥ "Music has no language barriers, you could just listen to it and feel it" - CL of 2NE1

Happy Stars Shine The Brightest -{ Maybeanothername }🖤×🖤. Find this Pin and more on Kpop ...

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See more. ELE É LINDO <3 · SpaceBts MemesK PopPrintsAnimeFunny QuotesPortuguese ...

V..EVAN. TaehyungKpopBts

Bts relationship with their staff and coworkers really is admirable for the korean music industry and other companys should start treating their idols like ...

Who said song lyrics couldn't be powerful and infiring man (apologies for my horrible pun) songs don't always have to be about heartache, self discovery and ...

Even though you might never meet your bias.

Parents' Guide To A Kpop-Loving Child

^_^ The Family.

When the face in the mirror doesn't please you, turn it into a canvas♡ Tablo♡

How it's used: G-Dragon is my ultimate bias.

Getting into a new Kpop group. It took me more than a few days to be able to really distinguish between each member but I totally get on that same level of ...

poor Yoongi ❀ ❀ ×Credit to Owner× {If I post somethingthat is yours…”

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DRAMA CLUB: You Are All Surrounded Episodes 9 (2/2)

Me vs Kpop Haters

30 day bias challenge

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relating things to kpop gif

Discover and share Jin Bts Quotes. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love.

Fanchant fire

Kpop meme

Daily dose of love quotes here. Find this Pin and more on KPOP ...

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bts jungkook ideal type

Korean Quotes With English Translation. QuotesGram

Bangtan are all arrogant little shits lmao

If you're a true kpop fan you better spell things the right way. Grammar is very important

So true and funny Kpop fans can relate quote about suddenly becoming friends with a stranger over Kpop

Another way to introduce BTS (I don't normally post these things. but this cracked me up SO hard.) lol Kookie > be nice lol. Find this Pin and more on kpop ...

©peachisoda || 2017 BTS FESTA [Self-Written Profiles]: Kim Namjoon

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A poem inspired by EXO's song Black Pearl (:. Find this Pin and more on Kpop ...


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buahahaha i think the bulletproof boy scouts is my favorite one!

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K-pop I'm a 28yo from cali and I only know 1 of the 2 of the top guys. But I know everyone of the kpop idols...stereotype much?| allkpop Meme Center:

Happy Stars Shine The Brightest -{ Maybeanothername }🖤×🖤

Like calling my parents "umma" and "appa" because I'm Korean. I also didn't know laughing and clapping at the same time was ...

Japanese Quotes

See more. Não mamis que isso, magina · Memes HumorExo MemesK Pop MemesBts ...

-Black, G-Dragon ft. Jennie Kim-

Its really crazy how you can learn to love someone so much when they have no idea who you are

Very relatable Kpop fans can relate quote about using Korean curse words when one is mad

((Cue triggered jimin))

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LET'S GO TO KOREA!! *in my dream*. Lets GoK PopBts ...

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See more. God he's a little shit i love him · Kpop ...

Fact: It is impossible to listen to K-Pop and be calm

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See more. Very relatable- I do this all the time! A Kpop fans can relate quote

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See more. Kpop. This is totally me. Just Tao is enough to throw me through a

Jimin upgraded to a Gucci blindfold

You Got No Jams! v_v Memes Kpop Derp Face #outrosgéneros # Outros géneros # amreading # books # wattpad

Korean Proverb #proverbs #quotes. See more. J-Rock and Japanese Quote

See more. Jin is trying so hard to act normal and V is not having it

Tokyo Ghoul quote - Kaneki Ken

KPop Fans Can Relate It's so true, I would definitely skip prom to go to EXO concert❤️